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and now, from washington's leadg news station, this is "news4 today." >> hey, everyone, goomorning. welcome to "news4 today." i'm richard jordan. >> sunday, november 11th, 2012. also veterans day across our country. >> we're going to have some warm weather for the holiday, at least warm november standards. chuck bell is joining us with more on that. good morning, chuck. >> good morning, richard and angie, and a good sunday morning, everybody. warm indeed, especially by november standards. warm enough to actually feel like early october. a real pleasant day to be outside today. we're off to a seasonably chilly start this morning. mildest right alongside the western shore of the chesapeake
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bay. 49 in annapolis. 48 at solomon's island. but don't have to go too far to the west to the water to start cooling down. temperatures mid 30s across parts of shenandoah valley and the blue ridge. no rain. closest drops are a long way away. at least 36 hours before a chance at a rain drop. that means your sunday is going to be a winner. temperatures should be in the low 50s by 10:00 this morning and climb to within spitting distance of 70 degrees. some people may get all the way to 70. we'll talk about tomorrow coming up. today, the president and vice president will honor veterans day with men and women who served overseas. president obama and the first lady along with vice president biden and dr. jill biden will attend a breakfast with veterans at the white house. afterwards, they'll attend a ceremony at arlington national cemetery's tomb of the unknown
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soldier. it's one of just a host of events today honoring our nation's veterans. at mount vernon, a wreath will be placed at george washington's tomb to honor the nation's first commander in chief. there will also be a concert by a barbershop quartet. there will be a tribute at 1:00 and a similar service will take place at the same time today at the navy memorial. in gaithersburg, donald waylon will deliver remarks at the city hall concert pavilion at 11:00 this morning. this morning, new details are emerging about the resignation of one of our country's most decorated veterans. turns out david petraeus was not the original focus of an fbi investigation. nbc's andrea michelle first broke the story. she says she has more on the fbi's in -- how the fbi inadvertently found out about the general's affair. >> general david petraeus tumbled from the highest levels
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of government service after acknowledging what he called unacceptable behavior. an extramarital affair exposed bay cascading series of events that sources say started with a seemingly unrelated complaint to the fbi. triggered by e-mails from petraeus's biography paula broadwell to another woman not related to petraeus who felt she was being harassed and complained to the fbi. officials say in recent weeks, the fbi traced the e-mails to broadwell and only stumbled on the relationship with petraeus as a result. >> it's so politically sensitive that my guess is the decision was made near or at the top level of the fbi to sit down with general petraeus and have a discussion with him and let him know that this information had been discovered. >> broadwell has not been shy about her access to petraeus, co-hosting a barbecue with jon stewart to raise money for wounded warriors. she spoke often by general
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petraeus. >> i was with general petraeus in afghanistan and it was a little confusing for some of the folks there because i'm also a military reservist with a top secret clearance and then some. so a lot of my former peers didn't know thousand treat me. >> according to multiple sources, the investigation into broadwell's e-mails came to a hud on tuesday, election day. first, the intelligence community learned of it. the president did not know until thursday. the president said he wanted to think it over, but accepted the resignation friday. some feel he should have let petraeus keep his job. >> it's basically a matter for him and his family. it's not conduct that you encourage. it's not the best conduct. but again, we're talking about a man of great talent. >> many who know petraeus say he was just coming into his own at the cia after a rocky transition from his military career. >> suddenly he was in a very different kind of operation, where cia officers pride themselves on being difficult and pushing back, and in the early months, that was
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differently for petraeus. >> reporter: andrea mitchell, nbc news, washington. >> nbc news also spoke with a former spokesman for general petraeus. steve boylan says his boss is truly remorseful about the affair that led to his resignation. he said that petraeus "knows he screwed up" and will try to work things out with his family. there will be more later this morning on "meet the press." andrea mitchell will be on to discuss the latest developments. you can catch me at 10:30 right here at nbc 4. new this morning, a deadly explosion destroyed two homes and damaged more than a dozen other homes in indiana. right now firefighters are trying to determine what caused the blast. it happened at 11:00 near indianapolis. police evacuated more than 200 people from the neighborhood. investigators say natural gas may have played a role in this explosion.
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scary homes for passengers onboard a southwest airlines flight. the plane skidded off the taxi way at the denver international airport. the boeing 737 was coming in from oakland, california. the nose wheel slid off the taxi wing when it tried to land. at the simtime, there was some light snowfall. but no one on the plane was hurt. sandy's impact still being felt almost two weeks after the storm tore through the east coast. system on long island say they're fed up and they've been in the dark long enough. >> we are cold and we are tired and we want our power now. >> hundreds stormed the power company's office monday demanding crews restore power. they say the remaining homes might not have power until tuesday. two congressmen from long island say they've requested federal aid to help power companies restore electricity. the state of new jersey has filed charges against eight businesses for what it says is price gouging. seven gas stations are accused
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of hiking prices by as much as 59%. the state says one gas station charged customers $5.50 a gallon. a hotel is accused of raising room rates by more than 30%. new jersey has received more than 2,000 consumer complaints of price gouging since a state of emergency was declared almost two weeks ago. this morning in decision 2012, the final votes are in from last week's presidential election. yesterday, florida, which was the final state to have a win declared, went to president obama. here's how the final electoral map looks with florida's 29 electoral votes, the president raises his total to $332 to mitt romney's 206. the president defeated romney by about 74,000 votes in florida. unlike some elections past, this time florida was not the state that determined which candidate won. some say the reason it took so long for florida to count the votes was because there just wasn't enough time for early
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voting. >> took almost a week. pretty long time. >> they run on their own time out there. their own clock. >> you would know. the time right now is 6:07. coming up, two powerful earthquakes, including one felt in parts of virginia this weekend. construction project on a bridge that could impact your drive. and enjoy the warm weather while it
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check out this snowfall in utah. several drivers got stuck in the snow. they had to call a tow truck for help. drivers had to use chains on their tires or use their four wheel drive to get through the area. >> i know someone who's watching that and weeping. >> i wish. oh, i wish. you'll be curious to know today
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is the anniversary of our greatest november snowstorm here in washington. >> i can't even imagine that. >> veterans day, 11/11, 1987, wasn't even oh so long ago, 11 1/2 inches of snow, the all-time record here in washington. we can get a snow in november. almost a foot. but we're not going to. so let's just go ahead and admit it. we're going to have to wait. i'm still optimistic, snow lovers, that we will have at least a couple of good conversations between now and springtime. that's all i'm going to say. outside for now, no snow flakes nowhe anywhere close to our forecast. a big change in the weather is not far away, as the cold air will moderate between there and here, because that's a long way from utah to the beltway. nonetheless, a big drop in temperatures on our way for the middle of the week. right now, though, not a bad way to get your sunday morning started. temperature 43 here in washington. there are some 30s on the map.
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but not all that cold out there by november standards. big win down there on the grounds of the university of virginia yesterday. still almost 50 degrees alongside of the chesapeake bay. front royal virginia, out there in the shenandoah valley, what a beautiful day it's going to be today. temperature floating with 60 degrees before noontime. mid to upper 60s with plenty of sunshine in front royal today. to the upper 50s by 6:00. staying quite mild through much of the overnight hours. the redskins have the week off. that's a good thing. the ravens' forecast for today, at home in baltimore, temperatures will be in the mid to upper 40s. great weather there. a big change coming. windy and warm ahead of a weather front and a 40 to 50-degree drop in temperatures behind it. it's going to be a big change. our temperatures will fall during the course of the day on tuesday. so for today, sunny and delightful outside. nothing to complain about. clouds start to move in overnight tonight, but the increasing clouds and that
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southerly breeze means temperatures won't fall all that quickly tonight into early tomorrow morning, so we'll have a mild day coming up tomorrow as well. near 70 today. well into the 60s again tomorrow. but with plenty of clouds around tomorrow and moisture surging in off the atlantic and off the gulf of mexico, that means that rain drop chances are here before you get up on tuesday morning. tuesday's high may occur first thing in the morning and then temperatures will fall steadily during the course of the day. so today, nothing to worry about today. it's veterans day, everybody. shake a veteran's hand if you see one. sunshine and mild. highs upper 60s to near 70. not much of a rain threat on your monday. i don't think rain drops arrive here until after dark. most of your monday on the cloudy and murky side as well. and then temperatures start to go back to cooler than average range. highs back only in the upper 40s and low 50s around here for wednesday, thursday, and friday. but it will be sunny, at least, so that is a good thing.
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>> sounds great. next up, a look at stories affecting our community. >> we are back in 15 minutes with this morning's top stories and another check of your sunday forecast. >> good morning, welcome to "reporter's notebook." the voters have spoken. and this the state of maryland, voters have approved a number of controversial ballot issues. starting with same-sex marriage by a vote of 52-48%, maryland became the seventh state to approve same-sex marriage. maryland and maine and washington state have now become the first states to approve it by a popular vote. so beginning january 1st, the wedding bells will be ringing in maryland, which now joins six other states and the district. supporters say the votes in these states signal a further turning of the tide across the country. do you agree with that? >> i don't know. it could be. there could be a cultural shift coming in the country. the fact remains, though, at least 30 states have turned it down on the ballots. the big story about north carolina, where the democrats
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wanted to have their convention, thinking north carolina might be one of them. and then they turned down same-sex marriage. surprised a lot of people. we'll have to see. but this is -- for supporterof same-sex marriage, this has got to be good news. it shows that they've won again. they won in three places, as i think you've mentioned. the district of columbia. pardon me, maryland. they already won in the district of columbia. i guess it gives them hope for the future. >> i tell you one thing, it's not going to be a dead issue, even if it hadn't passed in maryland. after i talked to a state senator who was in opposition to same session manage from anne arundel county. even if it died in maryland, it would have resurfaced. this is going to occur across the nation. i don't want to steal joe's thunder, but this is really a civil rights issue. when you talk about not only the civil rights leaders supporting this, but also the naacp was on point. >> that's right.
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i don't know if people around the country -- maybe they didn't see it, but julian bond was recruited to do a lot of ads. he's an icon in the civil rights movement. but then again, it didn't have much of an impact in prince george's county, because you've got a strong religious community, you have -- you know, you still have this as a moral issue. and they're divided because at the same time, they know it's a civil rights issue, and i think in prince george's county, the moral issue won out. >> well, it work but not by very much. the measure was struck down in prince george's by 485 votes. expectations are high following the vote to expand gambling in maryland, which passed 52-48%. and by a much wider margin in prince george's. it was an expensive fight, as we all know.
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casinos are already ordering table games. a license still has to be awarded and the baltimore casino has to be built first before the prince george's casino can be opened in 2016. what do you think it was that convinced prince george's county? >> money. pure money. they need to pay the bills and the sell was that this is going to help you. this is going to give you extra revenue and they went for it. even though critics say it's a spotty record, gambling has not always provided as much funding and revenue has been promised. that the people who do it take too much of a cut. the state doesn't get enough. i've heard that criticism. and then there's the moral argument against it, that that didn't prevail, that it brings in the wrong kind of people and that it's a tax on the poor. and these tough economic times, it's interesting to see how more money really trumped everything else. >> in tough economic times, go to atlantic city, you see folks on the train getting to the casinos. but in maryland, in prince george's county, i think besides money, i'd say convenience. the fact that it's in an area
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that people can go now and don't have to go to west virginia. remember, that was a strong thing against west virginia and going to delaware. so i think here, if you look at convenience, the fact that it's close by. >> there was much to be made of the promises for high retail restaurants. how much of a factor was that? >> the fact that people might want additional entertainment, restaurants, shows, so that they don't have to go to washington, they don't have to go to west virginia. i mean, you've got this very large middle class community with a lot of disposable income. and so here they now can go to the national harbor, relatively safe place, and they can have a show, they can go to a nice restaurant, and we don't have to travel hours to do it. that may have had a factor with all the other things that has been said on this panel. >> the vote has been taken, but we should let you know that there has been a lawsuit filed
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in circuit court in anne arundel county challenging the referendum process, so we'll be watching that. >> that's expected. the dream act, allowing in-state tuition for undocumented students also passed. it passed by wide margin 58-41%. there was much celebration over that victimry. >> that's the one thing that really had a solid majority. it happened in maryland, where it was considered somewhat risky for the governor. it will be part of the national debate on immigration reform, which is a big deal now. the thinking is that if you stand on the wrong side of immigration, you're going to lose electorally. now here are the democrats sponsoring this measure in maryland four square behind it and moving ahead. but then you have to think about what's congress going to do.
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congress still seems terribly split on immigration just like everything else. >> congress can stay split and play the same game they played in the last four years, but the fact is that this has become a priority now across the nation, just like in maryland. no one thought that it would pass so widely in maryland, but it did. if you look across the nation right now, this is definitely a big priority. i'd have to think about prince william county, which showed the most diversity in the election just recently. well this is one of the areas that i see the dream act really targeting. >> it's one of those pieces of legislation that impacts generations to come. >> right. >> latinos, hispanics will remember this. they'll remember the people who sponsored this. it's much like the civil rights bill, the vetting rights bill. and this is how they look at it as a civil rights bill. you know who the big winner is,
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martin o'malley. he certainly has big presidential aspirations. the hispanic community went big-time in the national elections for president obama. >> we've got to take a break. we'll be right back. stay with us. it's my coffee when i want it. you press a button, you have great dunkin' coffee. i got my coffee for the morning, i got my dunkin' k-cup packs for the rest of the day. only available at dunkin' donuts restaurants. america runs on dunkin' coffee. i'm drinkin' a dunkin' latte.
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i'm in love with my dunkin' latte. it is a treat. they're packed with flavor. it's my kind of latte. try the simply delicious latte everyone can enjoy. america runs on dunkin'! welcome back. in virginia, democrat tim kaine narrowly beat republican and fellow former governor george allen to win the u.s. senate seat, 51-49%. he says it means virginia is still pretty purple and he rejected suggestions that northern virginia counties like prince william and loudoun were becoming increasingly blue. what do you think about that? >> well, allen tried to tag tim kaine with being too close to president obama. president obama's senator. then his attack was that tim kaine somehow was for the sequester.
6:24 am
the device by which taxes go up and government spending is cut. he blamed that for the policies of tim kaine. kaine said wait a minute, i ok'd it as a last-minute measure. we had to do it. so did governor o'donnell. so did eric cantor, all prominent republicans. that didn't work. then there's the third factor some people are telling me that maybe this was not george allen's year to run. his basic premise was i want to get back in the senate and he didn't offer much more than that. supporters said he was a tremendous senator, he should get another chance, but that didn't work. >> once it showed that women actually -- suburban women in much of virginia actually made the change for the democrats, i think that you can put that in a column with kaine, too, the fact that women came out stronger. remember, there was an awful lot of controversy over abortion and all of that that came out of the
6:25 am
republican arena, and no virginia women voted for kaine. >> what about kaine's belief that part of his victory was because that he convinced voters to work on both sides of the aisle? >> a lot of people thought he was going to run -- may have said he ran as a centrist. that's what he was trying to say. i'm in the center. i can get along with both. and here at a point in time when people are really, as dave knows, they're upset with congress because they don't get along. but you know what a lot of republicans are saying is that he really ran wiright of center. that may have helped him eke out this close victory. >> what do you make of governor mcdonnell's samt that the party has to set a more positive tone and they have to look like it's part of a fun team. >> that's right. the republicans are doing a lot of soul searching now. governor mcdonnell is probably a
6:26 am
good person to talk to them because he deals with a lot of these issues. they have to think about -- i'm told they have to think about being more inclusive. they have to think about having more reasons why they don't want vote for them, don't vote for the democrats. it's got to be more than negatives. they have to have a happier portent of the future or they're going to take hits. >> my original point about women, they're going to have to be very inclusive. >> but what describes inclusive? here we go with newt gingrich, who says inclusive means having a meeting with a bunch of white guys and then you reach out to bring somebody black in or bring a woman in. that's not being inclusive. you've got to make sure everybody's at the table. and in the original meeting, making a decision. and that's going to be their problem. >> in the district, council race went pretty much as expected with all incumbents winning
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re-election, with the exception of at large member michael brown. there was an upset in this race. new coming david grosso defeated michael brown who has been plagued with questions about his campaign treasury account. >> a mismanaged campaign, mixed messages. the once bright future of the son of the former cabinet member of president clinton, ron brown, michael brown is headed now out of office and his future is very uncertain indeed. voters decided that they were not pleased with the way the campaign was run. some of the problems that developed within the campaign further added to their doubts, and it just didn't pay off on election day. >> in the beginning, i don't think michael brown was that much of a lead for washington voters. he was the son of ron brown. but still, in the communities, you heard people saying well, who is he? what has he done for the district of columbia? so the years went on. he had problems like john davis said with his campaign funding
6:28 am
and all of that. i think it's come down to the fact that david grosso, who won the seat, actually got out there and did some grass roots walking. >> he was on street corners. >> also right around the corner from where i live. >> your street corners. i saw his campaign. it was very diversifdiversified. but i agree with dave. i think what really hurt him, michael brown, was this constant news of mismanagement in the campaign, questions. and this has come at the wrong time. and people just simply said no, we just don't trust it. >> d.c. voters also decisively approved three ethics related charter amendments that would allow council members to expel other members for gross misconduct and would require both the mayor and the council members to resign if they're convict of a felony. >> this is the result of the news that we've had since the election of mayor vincent gray.
6:29 am
scandal after scandal. council members going down. getting out before they're indicted. one person is now in jail who also had a once bright future. so they knew they had to do something. now if the council gets together and decides they can kick somebody out if he or she has a felony. if the mayor commits a felony, he or she is out, too. >> new day for ethics in the district? >> a very new day for ethics. the council tried to come up with an ethics conversation. that was kind of weak. this is where voters put their voice to it. >> it's just simply a new day. >> thanks, guys. thank you for joining us. stay with us. "news4 today" continues. and now, from washington's leading news station, this is "news4 today."
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if you're just waking up, pour that coffee. we just did. it's going to be a good morning, everyone. we have a live look towards the national mall this morning. expect large crowds if you plan to head out this way today. as many people are planning to observe veterans day. welcome to "news4 today." >> it is sunday, november 11th, 2012. we had a great day yesterday. it looks like we are about to make it two for two. >> chuck, can you top that? >> i think we can. i think we're going to have more sunshine today than yesterday. and to boot, i think we're going to be about four or five degrees warmer than yesterday. maybe you're going down to george and martha's place, mount vernon, going to the tomb of the unknown soldier to watch the wreath laying ceremony, great weather out at the tomb as well. beautiful weather up and down parts of the chesapeake bay. temperatures are seasonably chilly. no rain drops anywhere close to
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us, so we'll have a nice dry day today. mile morning. temperatures 30s and 40s now. we'll be well up into the upper 40s and low 50s by 10:00, and pushing 70 degrees in many neighborhoods before the day is done. and staying quite mild through the overnight hours tonight. the clouds will be back for tomorrow and there are rain drops not so far away. we'll talk about that coming up. today, the washington cathedral is one of many places holding veterans day observances. the cathedral will have a special prayer service for vets and their families. it's called the weight of war. it will discuss the spiritual health of men and women who come home from war. that will be followed by a service at 11:15 that will focus on vets and the country. thousands of american veterans are returning home without a job, and organizers of a veterans career event tried to change that. yesterday, george mason university held its second annual job fare for vets and its families.
6:32 am
employers like geico packed the patriots center. organizers say they hoped to hire some 200 vets from yesterday's event. transitioning from serving their country to civilian life can be difficult for some veterans, but one company actively works to hire former service members. >> reporter: every morning, marquis johnson and his co-workers check in and gear up. though these former servicemen come from different branches, they are all accustomed to those uniform camouflage pants. there's a military-like precision when you see them in action that could only be found in veterans. but finding work for veterans in this economy has been tough. >> sometimes i feel like it's a slap to the face, because we served our country. >> johnson left the army in 2009 after serving two tours in iraq. >> i had plenty of interviews and people shake my hand and tell me thanks for what you did for the country and everything like that. and i didn't get the job.
6:33 am
>> the bureau of labor statistics reports that unemployment among veterans is above 12%. that's why two marines moving says when you hire their services, you're actively putting veterans the work. customers like manny solis say they chose these veterans because they're veterans. >> i want to do this because of what i've heard about them. >> i prayed for something like this. >> johnson said this opportunity has motivated him and hopefully others. >> it's not over. god's got you. you got to have yourself. >> he's proven himself to be army strong. two marines moving wants to hire 50 veterans by veterans day. so far they've hired 35. anyone interested can still apply. and with the arrival of veterans day, attorneys from the national veterans legal services program are hosting a talk today at the willow tree inn in gaithersburg
6:34 am
at noon. if you can't make it to today's event, there will be another one taking place wednesday night at 6:00 at anne arun dal community college. authorities in kentucky say there's no serious damage after an earthquake rattled the bluegrass state. the quake shook the southeast part of the state yesterday afternoon. it was also felt in neighboring states, including far southwest virginia. residents say the ground shook for about 15 seconds. the u.s. geological surveys say that the quake was considered light and no one was hurt. at least 12 people are dead from a strong earthquake in myanmar. the 6.8 quake hit early this morning with a 5.8 aftershock. witnesses say some of the victims were killed in a bridge collapse. the quake also caused damage the a monostair and temples in the area. two women say they were sexually assaulted and robbed in the district. the attack happened early saturday morning in the 1,000 block of 48th street and northeast. the women told police that at
6:35 am
least two men pulled up to them in two separate cars and forced them to perform a sex act. the men stole one of the women's cell phone and her coat so. far police have not made any arrests in this case. a motorcycle struck a pedestrian, killing the two people involved in prince george's county. this crash happened yesterday afternoon in the 3900 block of branch avenue and suitland. police say the pedestrian identified as 64-year-old harry lee of clinton, maryland, was not in the crosswalk at the time of the crash. the driver, a 40-year-old from lorton, virginia, also died in the crash. two teens accused of killing a d.c. cab driver will be charged as adults. they were seen leaving court yesterday. the cab driver's body was found near gallaudet university. the boys are accused of robbing and shooting him.
6:36 am
code workers say violence against cabbies is all too common. >> at nighttime, it's pretty dangerous. we want the city to at least look after our cab drivers. >> the teens are being held without bond. >> a heads up for drivers in northern virginia this morning. parts of the dulles airport access road will be closed this week during overnight periods. the eastbound lanes will be closed saturday from 9:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. traffic will detour via the slip ramp on to the dulles connecter road. crews will be doing drainage work to the overhead rail ridges. it's a three-day weekend for many in the district, so metro is using the extra day to do track work. on the orange lines, the ballston station is closed.
6:37 am
this work is going to last through the day tomorrow. this morning, the prince george's county school has a new mural. students at the elementary school in landover started painting the mural yesterday. it's part of prince george's county's transforming neighborhood initiative. >> it shows everything that the kids do in the school, and things they like to do, and it lets themselves express themselves by painting it. >> the school turned out to be awesome and the whole program is good for the community and it changes everybody. >> artist jose peidra won a contest to create the mural. looks like they're having a great time. still ahead, the big event happening tomorrow that has thousands of people camped out in this city right now. and the new challenges ahead
6:38 am
for the obama administration after the resignation of cia director
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6:40 am
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as president obama enters four more years in office, he'll need to solve two big challenges, finding another cia director and avoiding the fiscal cliff. >> joining us is david gregory to talk about this. a lot to get to. let's start off with david petraeus. he admitted that he had an affair, that's why he resigned. what are the implications for the cia? >> they'll have to find new leadership. part of my second term involves this turnover. i think there's still a lot of shock in washington about this over general petraeus and the figure that he is and always has been at the military, this from
6:42 am
his retirement ceremony. so i think that part of it is a big disruption for the obama team as they come into a second term. this is still the lame-duck session. congress, for instance, has set an intervening peter. but a lot of shock waves here. >> there's so many unanswered questions as far as the timing of all this. why did the fbi wait until election day to let the guy who ov oversees all the intelligence agassis know about this? >> they interviewed director petraeus about this. on election day, it gets over to the head of national intelligence, the director of national intelligence, and so it goes. i think questions about when and whether congress was informed, how this all came to light, how the investigation got started in the first place. a lot of this still unfolding. >> and talking about the election and obama, we know there will be a new cia director. what changes can we expect?
6:43 am
>> the big one will be secretary of state. the expectation is that hillary clinton will leave there. are hearings coming up about benghazi, the death of chris stevens. she may stay on a little bit longer to see all of that through. a second term will bring about all of those changes. >> and the fiscal cliff obviously on everybody's mind. i think it's so ridiculous that we're even talking about going off the fiscal cliff. >> well, i mean, there's a lot that's ridiculous about it. that was a big backdrop of the election. but here you have massive tax increases that will take effect at the end of the year and spending cuts, the result of how congress and the white house were able to extend the debt limit for the country. now they have to come back. the president's made it very clear that he thinks his second term mandate involves being able to drive a hard bargain on taxes that wealthier americans should pay more. john boehner is signaling some room for compromise, but it may be tough over tax rates. the negotiations are going to start and they've got to be
6:44 am
intense now if they're going to do something to head off this train wreck that's coming. >> looking back at the election, what can republicans take away from obama's re-election? >> that if they're going to win the white house again, they have to be a bigger party than they are. they are primarily a party of white men. they have lost ground with the changing demographics of the country. the president expanded the coalition of younger people, women, minorities, latinos, republicans have been left behind in that area. and they're going to have to figure out where they go from here if they're really going to expand as a party. >> and on the flip side of things, i know we're only -- we're not even a week away from when the election happened, but are we able to pinpoint how president obama won? >> yeah. he won by expanding his coalition of young people, of minorities, particularly latinos, and women. and he did it across basically all of the battleground states. all that changed this time
6:45 am
around is indiana and north carolina flipped back to being republican states. that's it. everything from 2008 stayed the same. president obama was able to expand the coalition. we've said a lot about how his turnout operation worked. their voter identification worked. their ability to basically create a larger coalition than he had in 2008. >> what's on the show this morning? >> we're going to be talking about reaction to the petraeus issue. senator schumer and coburn on how to avoid the fiscal cliff. we'll unpack the election results and talk about just how the republican party moves in a new direction. >> and a fun press pass, huh? >> yeah, that's right. it was interesting. this is the first social media election we've had. so ben smith of reflects on that and talks about where all that is going. >> i remember on election night, they were one of trending topics
6:46 am
here in this d.c. area. >> yeah, yeah, interesting guy. 20 million election-related tweets. >> record-breaking. >> thanks, david. >> chuck, what's going on? >> we are just about ready to have the sun come up in our eastern horizon on what promises to be a very nice veterans day sunday. i'll give you a check of today's ♪ i -- i got it, i got it made ♪ ♪ i got it made, i got it made ♪ ♪ i got it made fresh at subway ♪ ♪ breakfast made the way i say ♪ [ male announcer ] at subway, you got it made. try a steak, egg white & cheese, tricked out any way you want. subway. eat fresh.
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you're watching "news4 today." >> can you believe it? thanksgiving is only a week and a half away, and crews are preparing for the 86th an you macy's thanksgiving day parade. crews testing the three new additions to this year's parade, papa smurf, hello kitty, and elf
6:50 am
on the shelf. the test makes sure the bridge will fly properly on the manhattan parade route. you catch this thursday, november 22nd, at 9:00 a.m. right here on nbc 4. >> that was my first time seeing the elf on the shelf. >> yeah. i've got to bring him in. >> just a little one. we don't want the huge balloon. >> but that is such an exciting time. >> i've never actually been to the macy's parade. november is high ratings and we're not allowed off, that's usually why. >> it sure isn't feeling like november and winter. maybe by then it will. >> it will feel more like november again by the end of the day tuesday. so you won't have to wait a long time. so we get to enjoy -- yesterday was great. today will be even better. monday, at least it will be mild before the colder air really starts to surge back into the
6:51 am
mid-atlantic. it arrives here on tuesday. won't as crazy as what they've seen across middle parts of the country where temperatures have been dropping by the dozens and dozens and dozens of degrees the last couple hours. right now, a very pretty sunday morning out there. generally fair sky outside. 43, our temperature down at national airport right now with a very light breeze out of the northeast. 49 in annapolis. 42 in frederick, maryland. likely to have at least a little patchy fog out there first thing this morning. manassas, virginia, you're maybe in the mid 30s right now, but you'll be in the mid to upper 50s by 10:00 this morning, climbing to within a degree or two of 70 degrees for a high today in manassas. back down into the mid 50s by 7:00 tonight and back down into only the low 50s by bedtime this evening. the ravens are at home. they get to play the oakland
6:52 am
raiders today, filled with sunshine at the stadium. the redskins safely in the clubhouse with a bye week. i was telling you about how much the temperatures are dropping. warm and windy out ahead of it. gail advisory a posted across parts of the great lakes. 40 to 50-degree temperature drop. penn state was out playing nebraska, lincoln, nebraska, 78 degrees yesterday. they are 29 degrees this morning. they dropped more than 50 degrees in just 12 hours. that is a very potent cold front. by the time it gets here, it will have moderated quite a bit. delightful sunshine for today. temperatures near 70. overnight tonight, clouds back on the increase. temperatures back down into the 40s. tomorrow, we may start out with a peek or two of sunshine, but moisture surging in from the gulf and the atlantic promises a cloudy day by tomorrow and
6:53 am
lunchtime and rain chances moving in here about the time, 10:00, 11:00 tomorrow night going into early tuesday. for today, nothing to worry about. get outside and enjoy your veterans day. highs today, 65 to 70. then for tomorrow, clouds quickly on the increase. not much in the way of sunshine for tomorrow. but rain chances really should hold off until well after dark. probably into the pre-dawn hours of tuesday morning. tuesday's high temperature will occur probably before you get out of bed tuesday morning, and temperatures will fall steadily during the course of the day. so be ready for that. and then a nice chilly but dry stretch, feeling very novembery for the rest of the week. >> enjoy it while you can, right? >> absolutely. make hey while the sun is shining. >> we will. more than 1,500 "twilight" fans are camping outside the staples center in los angeles to see the premiere of "breaking down: part 2." these fans have camped out for about a week for a chance to see the stars walk the red carpet.
6:54 am
the final movie in the "twilight" saga premieres tomorrow. the movie opens nationwide friday. some were over the rainbow. someone bought the iconic blue dress judy garland we're as dorothy in "the wizard of oz." it sold at an auction for $480,000. it's one of the only complete version of the blue and white dress used in the 1939 film. the buyer's name has not been released. the previous owner bought the dress for about $2,000 back in 1981. and it's interesting -- i don't know if it's just time that's turned that shirt more yellow, but i was thought it was very white and blue. >> now it's worth a whole lot more than it was back in 1981. i guess yellow is the way to go, right? the time right now -- the cavaliers win a thriller. the wizards are still looking for their first win of the season. >> lou holder has all the highlights in this morning's "sports minute." >> good morning, everyone. i'm lou holder, and your "sports
6:55 am
minute" starts with a little college football. randy edsol and maryland taking a trip down to death valley taking on number 13 clemson. shawn petty struggled in his second week as quarterback. a couple fumbles including one return. tigers win big 45-10. different story down in charlottesville. uva hosting miami hurricanes. and this one came down to the wire. after a penalty against the canes, the cavs get a second chance and they cash in. ten-yard touchdown to jake mcgee. 41-40. to the nba, wizards visiting in indiana. still looking for their first win of the year. a.j. price had himself a game. kicks it out here to bradley biel. the three is right where it needs to be. biel with 17 points. price a career high 14 points, but it's not enough. the wizards fall to the pacers
6:56 am
89-85. they are now 0-5 on the year. don't forget, the redskins and their bye this week, but you can still catch d.c. football. united visit the houston dine kn -- dynamo. you can catch that game on nbc sports network. that's your sports minute. i'm lou holder. have a great day. there will be a new number one college football team today. alabama fell yesterday to 15th ranked texas a&m. the aggies led for the entire game, but the crimson tide made things interesting at the end. alabama was threatening to score when texas a&m intercepted a pass, securing the win over the top team in the country, final score 29-24. >> that was an awesome game. people in china are talking about a rising basketball star, but it looks like their newest hoops pro is also the oldest. the 76-year-old -- check it out. she has played every day for the last two decades. over the years, she became quite
6:57 am
the celebrity with tourists and locals joining her for a game. she was recently profiled on national tv in china, earning the nickname -- guess what, basketball granny. she says she plans to play until she is too old to move. i want to see a lay-up. she's awesome. >> she could be killer in horse. she would bury you at horse, i can tell you that. >> she should inspire us all. there's still more "news4 today" after the
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
and now from washington's leading news station, this is "news4 today." >> good morning. welcome to new zealand news. >> it is sunday, november 11th, 2012. a great day to head outside because the weather just couldn't be better. >> we asked if you could top that and you said you could. >> today promises to be even nicer. so there. take that. >> i will. take it all the way outside. >> here's your sunshine. the first rays of sunshine on your veterans day sunday, reaching the south side of the washington monument there. temperatures in the chilly 30s and 40s, but it won't take long. the sun is out and an air mass
7:01 am
is going to be turning more and more mild with time. so nothing to worry about on the radar. no rain drops within several hundred miles of us. so there will be a nice dry day today. temperatures could easily be in tupper 40s and low 50s by 10:00 a.m. up to near 70. a perfect afternoon to be outside enjoying it. still getting dark awfully early. sunset is at 4:56 today. but nonetheless, it will be a mild one. tomorrow will be mild, too. tomorrow we'll have to deal with a lot of cloud cover around as rain chances moving our direction. >> yesterday was the 5k at reston town center. people running ir n thei underweather, but it was great weather. >> they got lucky. howard county police are on the hunt for a gunman who shot a man several times overnight. officers were called out to a taco bell on minstrel way. an explosion killed two people and forced people to leave their homes overnight in
7:02 am
indianapolis. firefighters are trying to figure out what caused the blast. investigators say natural gas may have played a role in the explosion. and it is veterans day this morning. the vice president and president along with their wives will host a special breakfast for veterans at the white house, before going to arlington national cemetery for the annual laying of the wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. those are just some of the stories we're following. next is nbc 4's viewpoint. good morning and welcome to "viewpoint." this morning we're looking back in our region on what the election means, the huge turnout, decisive victory for president obama. tim kaine and three widely debated ballot initiatives here. our guest this morning, jim parmele of northern virginia gop, and joe madison, talk show host at sirius xm radio. and you areles all over tv this week, too. >> well, at least on tv one for a seven-hour broadcast. my goodness. >> you're rested up now. running on adrenaline.
7:03 am
>> i'ms reed up. >> i want to ask you both. we saw the long lines for hours on election day for some. for days with early voting. tremendous turnout. what do you make of that? >> a lot of people want to come out to vote. i think a function of the line problems that we had particularly in virginia, in areas where you could use the paper ballots, which were sort of an s.a.t. thing. you fill out the bubbles. you take your time, and then you line up and slide through them through the machine. those went much faster than the touch screens. it was one of those instance where is paper trumped technology. >> in washington, d.c., i used the electronic screen. but the sad thing is that my precinct -- there was only one. and i don't know why. but i think that locally, you just had a great deal of interest in this campaign. now, in virginia, i think a large part of it, particularly
7:04 am
in the tidewater area, richmond, was again, this voter i.d. issue. i've said this before, that i think that they overplayed their hand, because people felt like you're trying to keep them from voting. and what happened was there was a backlash, particularly in the black community. we certainly saw that in florida, i think, to some degree and other states. philadelphia, in pittsburgh. we saw that -- not so much in this area. there wasn't as much confusion as there was in those other states. pennsylvania was amazing because they had ads saying you have to show an i.d., but the courts had ruled no, you don't. you can ask, but you don't have to produce an i.d. it was mass confusion. >> and they didn't have the early voting up there. >> oh, no. they didn't have early voting. and of course, florida, they cut early voting and that really upset a lot of people.
7:05 am
>> a lot of people were talking that we wouldn't see the enthusiasm that we saw in 2008. well, in fact, we did. we saw turnout, as i say, tremendous, big numbers, and it wasn't just the candidates. we had a lot of initiatives on the ballot too in our region. >> big turnout. i think it's important to note that the president did not win by as much as he did last time. that we have more republican governors today than we did on monday. that we still have a republican house. that essentially things are the same as they were four years ago after the election, except that there are -- have republicans controlling the house. sort of the correction of 2010. 2008 you had a huge democratic victory. the president had two years to do whatever he wanted with a democratic house and democratic senate. 2010, had a bit of a backlash. had republicans take over the house. so this sort of reaffirmed 2010. >> you certainly had a backlash in 2010. there was no question about it. i think part of the problem was
7:06 am
that democrats, you know, just felt they had done something historic in 2008, and there was this drop-off, no matter how much we talked about, you've got to get out to vote, and then, of course, you had the tea party phenomenon. they were well-organized. i know that we spent a great deal of time on radio saying look, guys, tea party is very serious. they're well-organized. and they proved it to be such. but even though i agree and i'm not here to dispute what you say. but women certainly had a big day. and i think a lot of that -- >> and in virginia it made a difference. >> it made a big difference, and look at -- i think, what is it, 12 out of 16 tea party folks went down. and so there was a backlash that at least i think showed itself, where people responded to certain things.
7:07 am
big-time backlash in ohio. i'm from ohio, not far from hamilton county. i'm in montgomery county, the dayton, ohio, area. in cincinnati, young folks lined up and stood in line and waited. down in florida, i left these very studios about 2:00 in the morning, and you know there were people still in line. >> and the female vote very strong in ohio. even stronger than in northern virginia. but i want to stay on that, if we can. talked about the house and the republicans holding on. but there were some republican leaning senate seats that should have been safe. indiana, missouri. and it had to do with the issue of abortion. talk a little bit, if you would, about that. and when the republican party looks ahead to four years from now, will that be a big issue then? >> it had to do with some of the statements they made that were just ridiculously dumb states. but i don't think it had to do with being pro-life.
7:08 am
there were plenty of -- pro-life was different than some of the things that these guys said. there were things that the media jumped upon and the democrats jumped upon and they lost. but i don't think it speaks to the pro-lifers as a group, because in an election situation, you have a very strong pro-life caucus in the senate and in the house. >> what was it then that made the difference and made women go to the president in large numbers? young women in particular. >> you can ask well, why did men go for mitt romney? it's different for different folks and all sorts of different reasons. president obama was able to campaign, quite frankly, on a number of conservative issues, even though he has not acted that way as president. he talked about middle class tax cuts, when in fact he's increased taxes on the middle class. he talked about being strong on defense, when that wasn't really originally his base, although i supported that.
7:09 am
it wasn't really he talked about in 2008. he talked about cutting the deficit. he's run up one of the biggest deficits in american history, yet it's gone down from 1.3 trillion to 1.2, he thinks he's a fiscal conservative. so he sort of started sounding a little bit more like the house republicans and people said well, we'll give him another chance. and if that extra chance is to act more like the house republicans, then that's something we can support. but i get the feeling he's going to go back to when he had complete democratic criminal of congress, he's going to act that way now that he doesn't have to face election again. >> joe, i can sense you itching -- >> no, i'm not going to argue those talking points because they certainly are the talking points that were used and hammered away. but i think what helped -- since he responded to what president obama did or didn't do, i think
7:10 am
what hurt mitt romney was that you didn't know where mitt romney stood. i mean, i think the flip-flopping title was well deserved. i think he absolutely blew it in ohio. ohio was key. but you cannot sit there and be told by chrysler's ceo or chairman and then other officials that look, this is just not true. don't do this. and then expect that people aren't going to react to it, particularly in a state so dependent upon the automotive industry. i think that hurt him. and so i don't know if it hurt him among republicans. i'm not certain if it did or not. but what it did was solidify the base, the democratic base. let's be honest. what president obama did was he put together a coalition of hispanics, large percentage of
7:11 am
certainly african-americans, even though they may not have turned out in large of numbers as they did in 2008. women, particularly young women, one of the most difficult things is how do you kee such a diverse group together, and he held that group together. they held that coalition together, and the ground game was superior. >> and in early voting. >> absolutely. >> we've got to take a break right here, but i want to pick up more on the latino vote and brings it back close to
7:12 am
7:13 am
welcome back to "viewpoint." we're looking back on the election last week. the focus right now on virginia. this was interesting. last week, front page of "the new york times," they had an article highlighting prince william county. they talked about prince william county as perhaps the future of what america will look like,
7:14 am
where you have minorities outnumbering white voters there. a lot of young voters. and it went to the president by i think about 15 points, "the new york times" pointed out. it was double what president bush wanted by that margin in 2000 against al gore. how does a county that should have been red or at least closer in the republican column -- how do you get that back in the gop? >> in prince william, you have plenty of republican elected officials. it goes year to year, issue to issue. you talk about the younger voters as they start paying more taxes. a lot of times they'll become more republican. this was just -- a lot of it was people said george bush was able to win because he was the type of guy you wanted to have a beer with. not sure if that was true or not. i like to think it's the issues. there is that. sometimes you just like another candidate better than the other. while mitt romney was -- is a
7:15 am
fantastic person, a good candidate, president obama was able to sell himself to the american people more effectively. >> i thought he was going to say that people tend to socially be democrats and fiscally be conservatives. i'm a democrat when it comes to my social concerns and i turn republican when it comes to my wallet. and sometimes that happens. but i think this situation, it's usually one or two issues. if you're look at immigration, and for example you start hearing debate points about self-deportation, that frightens a lot of people. and then you hear -- and i'll be honest, i think what really hurt was the 47% statement -- i think that really hurt. because most people fell into that 47%.
7:16 am
the other side might say it was exploiting. it may very well have been exploited. but it was said. and it captured the imagination of voters who said wait a minute, who is he talking about? the reality is he's talking about me. >> that was at the top of the ticket saying that. >> yes. >> so if you take romney out of the equation then, do you get some of those voters back without that 47% comment? >> well, you always -- you're talk future elections? you always have the potential of getting those voters back. >> it seems to be a growing challenge for the republican party. how do you reach those latino voters? >> i think there's another question. latino voters and african-americans. i would think you've got to have an honest discussion about how do we broaden the tent. >> but you mentioned that you want to -- you know, social issues are more democratic, and
7:17 am
people being more fiscally conservative. but in both the communities you just talked about, you have a lot of pro-life, church-going, socially conservative, much more so than sometimes the candidates that they vote for. you don't have to change your views and really you shouldn't. if the republican party were a low-tax, small government, socially conservative party, been that for a long time, those are the views that the vast majority of the people adhere to. you're trying to reach out enplax your positions to recruit people, to point out that it's important to have a strong economy to get a job, that you don't want the government pressuring small businesses, much like with president obama -- >> so that case was not made this time. >> you know, it was very close. >> i'm talking about in particular, with minority voters. >> it wasn't as well as it should have been.
7:18 am
but if some small things had changed, mitt romney would have won, the entire thing would have been different. the president won. but he also won talking about a lot of fiscally conservative issues that he hasn't actually done while being talked about d reduction. if he felt he needed to go right in order to win that sort of validates a lot of what republicans are saying. >> he did have to go right. but right to center. and not right to where i'm going to be cutting programs that become quote unquote safety nets for people in a hard economic times. because people are -- and once again, people are facing economic difficulty. they're still just recovering from it. so you're right. you always -- but isn't that exactly what mitt romney did from the republican primaries, the debates. >> to the middle.
7:19 am
>> he went from here all the way -- to the middle. to the point where i think folks said it's sort of like the utah of the salt lake city editorial. which mitt romney are we going to see? and i think that's what concerned maybe a lot of independents. everybody had their base and everybody played to their base. >> which obama are we going to see? the one that took office in 2008 and immediately went far left? the one that was in the campaign? the one in between? >> i think it's going to depend on -- this is going to be interesting. the question is what do we do between now and december 31st? that's what everyone is afraid of, what they call that fiscal cliff, that i hope that they'll explain it. i tried to explain it on my show this week. what is it, what does it mean,
7:20 am
and what kind of impact -- someone is suggesting if we g off that fiscal cliff, then we're talking about the loss of two million jobs, as it was explained this week. two million jobs and we'll be right back into a recession. >> we've got to take a break. we've got to pick it up with much more ahead.
7:21 am
here are some of the stories we're following this morning. it's veterans day, and here in d.c., there are plenty of events going on. at mount vernon, a wreath will be placed on george washington's tomb. there will be a tribute at the vietnam veterans memorial as well. an explosion killed two people and forced 200 others to leave their homes overnight in indianapolis. firefighters are trying to figure out what caused the blast
7:22 am
around 11:00 last night. investigators say natural gas may have played a role in that explosion. and d.c. united kicked off the eastern conference finals today against the houston dynamo. the black and red playing houston this afternoon. then they'll play game two a week later at rfk. now the winner of this series moves on to the mls cup finals. we'll have more news, plus your sunday forecast in about 15 minutes. now back to "viewpoint." welcome back. let's move to maryland now. a lot of important initiatives that were on the ball lat. first up, 6 and 7. same-sex marriage and expanded gaming. a new casino in prince george's county is what the future looks like, and many more jobs. that's what they campaigned on. there was a lot of opposition from african-american churches, not just in prince george's county, but in baltimore county, too. talk if you would, joe, about the impact of those churches and their power and what does this
7:23 am
say in the end? >> black churches have always had a tremendous impact politically. historically that was the only place that we could freely meet, register people to vote. of course, that has changed down through the years. i really can't address that, other than i think that the rest of the state -- and as you will find in most states, this just didn't pass in maryland. it's very interesting. that social issue passed in many states, and i think that people looked at it, quite honestly, as a civil rights issue. >> you're talking about the same-sex marriage. >> as it relates locally to gambling, if i'm not mistaken, did not pass in prince george's county. no, i'm sorry, the same-sex marriage did not pass.
7:24 am
the casinos spent tons of money. it was as much of a media war for that ballot issue as it was with the presidential. it was a media war. >> maryland was the first time that the issue of same-sex marriage was put to voters and it passed. those are the only two state where is you had a referendum out there and voters have spoeng. do you see this happening in other places around the country? >> it's hard to say. you have a lot of states where these things went down to defeat in the past. it's a state by state basis. it comes down to all politics is local. >> and, you know, like the marijuana issue. same thing. colorado now. gives a whole new means to rocky mountain high. it is really a local issue. >> look ahead four years. do you see it being an issue? same-sex marriage. >> that's a good question. i don't know.
7:25 am
depends on whether it's on the ballot or not, how the courts rule in various states. i'm not sure. >> i don't know if it will be as much on the ballot as you might see legislators have taken this as a message and will say okay, we'll just pass it. but you'll always have that fight. it's a civil rights issue on one hand, and it's a moral issue on the other hand. and you will a
7:26 am
7:27 am
welcome back to "viewpoint." the dream act, a lot of support for undocumented students in the state of maryland. a lot of eyes on the country watching this. >> and this is one of those issues that will fare well with the party that supports it. it's like civil rights. once that party supports the civil rights issue, you can count that they're going to hold on to the hispanic vote for a
7:28 am
long time. it will impact generations. and so -- it's much like i remember johnson saying we did the right thing with the 1965 voting rights act, but we may have lost the south. but they won the african-american vote. and up to this point in time, i think the same thing is true when it comes to the hispanic vote. >> looking ahead to virginia, which was a red state, then it went purple. here we have the second election in a row. but you have a popular republican governor there. where do you see the future for the gop in virginia in reaching out to this changing demographic out there? >> i think that we're fine, because we have a set of issues that has been successful in the past. the president ran on some of those issues. it's up to him to follow up on it. governor mcdonnell won a solid majority by running on fiscal conservatism, less intrusive government. i think that's a winning formula
7:29 am
and the correct formula for virginia. >> yet you did not win this time. >> we didn't win this time. >> senate race or that race. >> and tim kaine particularly ran television ads where he took credit for not raising taxes, when the only reason he didn't raise taxes was because as governor when he proposed a huge tax increase, the republican legislature stopped him. if tim kaine seemed to agree that republican issues were right, if barack obama seemed to agree that some of the republican issues were right, then it would be ridiculous for the republican party to abandon those issues that the democrats find so appealing that they run on them. what they need to do is start governing on them. >> how do you counter that perception out there that latinos and african-americans right now are strongly for the democratic party. >> you're asking me how you counter it? >> if you're in the gop. >> ask him. >> well, i did. >> you create more jobs, you create a stronger economy. you campaign amongst all
7:30 am
americans. we don't need to divide people up. >> but we do. and that is the key. you really must reach out and reallyet to know your constituents. that's really what you have to do. and explain those issues and how it impacts them personally. because all politics are local, but all politics are personal. >> very true. we'll have to end it there. gentlemen, thank you. jim, joe, good to see you. we appreciate you sharing your insights. now back to "news4 today." enjoy the rest of your weekend, everybody. and now, from washington's leading news station, this is "news4 today." >> good morning, and welcome to "news4 today." >> it is sunday, november 11th, 2012. it is veterans day, and a great day to do anything outdoors. >> we want to say thank you all
7:31 am
to all of our veterans and their falies and all that they give. >> chuck has great forecast for us, right? >> absolutely. no doubt about it. good morning, everybody. what a fine-looking day it's going to be, to be outside enjoying some november mild sunshine today. there's the view from the temperature of our tower here in northwestern washington. we are looking over the roofs of american university in the foreground, and in the distance that is tyson's corner under clear sky. temperatures 30s and 40 toss get you out the door. a little bit of a november chill. but no rain on the radar and no rain in the forecast for today. and i don't even think we need to worry about it too much on your monday either. so a mild start this morning. temperatures should be in the low 50s by 10:00 a.m. and near 70 before the afternoon is through. great day to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. >> looks good, chuck, thanks. congress is demanding
7:32 am
answers about the affair that led to david petraeus resigning as cia director. petraeus stepped down after an fbi investigation revealed he was having an affair. the reports show the former general was not even the original focus of the investigation. sources revealed to nbc news the affair was revealed because of an investigationnvolving the author of petraeus's biography paula broadwell. broadwell is believed to have e-mailed another woman not related to the former general. the other woman then went to the fbi complaining of harassment. federal investigators informed petraeus of the complaint. >> it's so politically sensitive, that my guess is the decision was made near or at the top level of the fbi to sit down with general petraeus and have a discussion with them and let them know that this information had been discovered. >> petraeus is one of the most decorated veterans in recent memory. before serving as director of the cia, he oversaw forces in afghanistan and iraq, including a stint as commander of the united states central command. >> i think there's still a lot
7:33 am
of shock in washington about this over general petraeus and the figure that he is and has always been in the military. i think questions about when and whether congress was informed, how this all came to light, how the investigation got started in the first place. as i say, a lot of this still unfolding. >> and there's going to be more on this story on "meet the press" later this morning. andrea mitchell will be on to discuss the latest developments. you catch "meet the press" right here at 10:30 on nbc 4. today is veterans day and people around the country are honoring the men and women in our armed forces. president obama and vice president biden along with their wives will spend much of the day with veterans. they'll host a breakfast with the veterans we white house this morning. afterwards, they'll attend the annual wreath laying ceremony at the arlington national cemetery's tomb of the unknown soldier. it will be a special celebration at the vietnam veterans memorial today. in addition to recognizing the fallen men and women of the
7:34 am
vietnam war, it's taalso the 30-year anniversary of the wall's completion. at 9:00, there's a tribute at the world war ii memorial. at mount vernon, a wreath will be placed at george washington's tomb. rockville, maryland, will honor its local vets with a ceremony in veterans park along rockville pike. that starts at 11:00 this morning. new this morning, police in howard county are looking for a suspect in the shooting at a fast-food restaurant. investigators say a man was shot multiple times at the taco bell on minstrel way in columbia. there's no word on his condition. police did not release any more information on the support. police are trying to figure out what caused a woman to die while she was in custody at a d.c. police station. the 42-year-old was being held at the third district station early yesterday morning hen she had to be taken to the hospital. she later died. police have not given her cause or death or have even said why she was in custody. two teens accused of killing a d.c. cab driver will be
7:35 am
charged as adults. the family of the teenagers were seen leaving court yesterday. mohamed kadir, his body was found inside his burning cab wednesday night on brentwood parkway near gallaudet university. the teenagers are accused of robbing and then shooting kadir. this morning, police are looking for a man who sexually assaulted and robbed two when. the attack happened thursday morning. the women tell police the men pulled up to them in two separate cars and forced them to perform a sex act. the men stole one of the women's cell phone and a coat. so far, police have not made any arrests in the case. also this morning, investigators are trying to figure out what caused a deadly explosion in indiana. we just got some new video showing the flames. the blast happened around 11:00 last night near indianapolis. two people died and several other people were hurt.
7:36 am
police evacuated more than 200 people from the neighborhood and set up a shelter at a nearby elementary school. the blast destroyed two homes and damaged several others. this morning we're hearing from a passenger onboard a southwest airlines flight that skidded after landing at the denver international airport. the boeing 737 was coming in from oakland, california, yesterday afternoon. the nose slid off the taxiway. >> it seemed like he was having a hard time getting the plane to slow down. and it was going faster than he wanted it to. and the next thing we knew, it was making a strange grinding sound and he veered off to the right and there was no more runway underneath us. >> scary stuff. no one was hurt on the plane. at the time, there was light snowfall and freezing temperatures. time right now is 7:36. coming up, one neighborhood solution that's getting pet owners to pick up after their dogs. and there was no one suspected until they saw this surveillance video.
7:37 am
we'll show it to you. plus -- >> i'm liz crenshaw. the infomercial stez no-no promises to remove hair without the pain. does it really do that? find out coming up. and you also join us online, of course, this morning on facebook and twitter. we'll be back in a moment. it's my coffee when i want it. you press a button, you have great dunkin' coffee. i got my coffee for the morning, i got my dunkin' k-cup packs for the rest of the day. only available at dunkin' donuts restaurants. america runs on dunkin' coffee.
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i'm drinkin' a dunkin' latte. i'm in love with my dunkin' latte. it is a treat. they're packed with flavor. it's my kind of latte. try the simply delicious latte everyone can enjoy. america runs on dunkin'!
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and extremely popular in infomercial promises to get rid of unwanted hair. >> the viewers are asking about no-no. does it really do that? >> introducing no-no, the hair removal breakthrough that gives you smooth, sexy hair with no pain. >> hair removal with no pain. that's exactly why emily of fairfax, virginia, wanted to give the no-no a try. le. >> i've tried an epilator, wax, they're really painful. >> the no-no comes with a power supply, a buffer, cleaning brush, and smooth
7:41 am
after-treatment cream. >> like laser hair removal, no-no's technology uses heat to remove the hair to achieve long-term reduction in hair regrowth. >> but -- >> does us really do that? >> in menopause, i've gotten some facial hair, so i'm very interested in this. real fuzzy on my cheeks. i'm going to try my legs, my underarms. >> she also wants to get rid of course hair along her hairline and the hair on her upper lip. so it was time to get started. >> do you feel anything when the light goes on? >> i can tell you, actually, no. i just feel that little jump. which is great. i mean, there's no pain associated at all. >> no-no recommends using the device two to three times a week for the first four to six weeks. so we left the no-no with her and followed up with her six weeks later. she said the no-no held up well. >> everything worked beautifully. the heads sna place. it charged well.
7:42 am
>> she described one small learning curve. >> so i'd have to pull my face a little bit, make sure the face was smooth. it is a hot wire that you're using. >> she used the no-no on her face. >> it really did zap the air. the air is coming back, but very fine and short. so i'm very pleased with how it did on my face. >> on her hairline -- >> it's finer and it's growing in more slowly. it's a little bit less, yes. >> and her legs. >> i did my right leg only. and you can really feel the difference. i mean, it is thinner. there's less of it. it grows back more slowly. >> that's a key thing. so the no-no, does it really do that? >> it really does that. >> for $282, would you buy one? >> i would absolutely buy one, yes. i'm really pleased with it. i'm looking forward to using it more skinconsistently.
7:43 am
>> originally, $282. we were saying sticker shock. but compared to what people pay for laser removal, could be worth the money. >> i just got an idea for your christmas gift. i'm not going to tell you what it is. >> would fit very nicely in a stocking. the "today" show is next at abc 4. >> erica hill is joining us from new york. >> good morning, guys. coming up on "today," the latest on the stunning resignation of cia director david petraeus. this morning in an exclusive tv interview, you'll hear from his former spokesman who talked to the general after the scandal broke. we'll check in with the experts to ask just why so many powerful men cheat. also ahead, nearly two weeks after hurricane sandy hit the east coast, thousands remain without power, and while many are at their wits end, we are also seeing so much support from others. we'll take a look at what many people are doing to lend a helping hand. as the busy travel season approaches, we'll take a look at the best days to fly if you're headed out of town, and the last
7:44 am
"twilight" movie opening in just days, we'll take a look at the "twilight" phenomenon and what it is about this movie franchise that seems to send hearts of all ages aflutter. >> people are already lining up to see that on the west coast. >> i think they are. it's amazing. here we've got people lining up for one direction. >> that's right. it's a big show. erica, thank you. the battle over what will happen to actor sherman helmsley's body appears to be over. he died in july of lung cancer, played george jefferson on "the jeffersons." there has been multiple challenges to his will, but a judge has now ruled helmsley's longtime friend with k go ahead with his burial. helmsley's half brother says he plans to appeal that ruling. a young thief is caught on camera stealing hundreds of dollars from a nail salon. it shows the bandit run into the back and grab all the money.
7:45 am
he appears like he's younger than ten years old. >> i was just sad and sick to my stomach that a little kid could actually do something like that. it's not right, you know? >> after stealing the money, you can see the boy just skipped on out past the workers, and police say he got away with $900. police have not made any arrests in this case. police did arrest a connecticut man accused of stealing a car from a chinese food delivery man, and then going out and making the deliveries. police say 45-year-old keith hines stole the car and finished the delivery run and then he pocketed the cash. police caught him while he was making the deliveries. i guess that's how they knew where he was going. >> what are these people on? >> hines faces several charges. bmw flies right through the wall of a home in new mexico, trapping two people inside. police say the driver of the car lost control after hitting some bricks on the road, sending the car into the living room of the house. the car was upside down, trapping the two people inside
7:46 am
of it. they were rescued and taken to the hospital. the homeowner was inside the house at the time, but wasn't hurt. >> wow, scary. >> a lot of crazy things happening. >> good thing that we have some normal weather, though. >> i feel bad if i find out i give my money to the wrong guy serving the hot and sour soup. >> i know. i don't get that. >> criminals aren't always the smartest apples in the bunch. for us, a little sunshine on your veterans day sunday. we'll talk about that.
7:47 am
7:48 am
you're watching "news4 today." >> preparations are under way for the 86th annual macy's thanksgiving day parade. crews tested three new additions to this year's parade.
7:49 am
papa smurf, hello kitty, and my favorite now, elf on the shelf. the test makes sure the balloons will float properly on the manhattan parade route. you can catch these at the macy's thanksgiving day parade thursday right here on nbc 4. >> such a fun thing to sit around and do with the family. >> yeah. >> get up, have some coffee. arer but you don't get a perspective of how big the balloons are in an open parking lot. when you see them coming down the streets new york city, you get a sense of how much bigger they are. >> i'll be interesting to see about local bands. it seems like someone from the area always ends up performing there. >> my high school band went the year after i garage waraduated. >> is that after you left the band zp. >> i like to think that i built the foundation. >> we should mention that the
7:50 am
ceremony tomorrow at the navy memorial will be tomorrow, not today. there's a lot of stuff going on today. >> the wreath laying at the tomb of the unknown soldier. a lot of folks going down to mount vernon. good weather for that. really going to be very good weather for anything and everything you'd like to do outside today. so go ahead and like i always say, make your outdoor plans without fear or hesitation on your sunday. as we have sunshine out there now and we get to keep it. all the way up until almost 5:00 this afternoon when the sun goes right back down again. these short days. you hate to waste it on a day like today. that's for sure. would be nice to have an extra hour or two of sunshine. a clear sky is overhead. we'll make due with what we have. 43 in washington. hard lay breeze out there now. winds are very light out of the northeast at three miles per hour. humidity is at 89%. we'll have increasing amounts of humidity around here late tonight and into tomorrow. that will eventually lead to an awful lot of clouds on your monday. so enjoy your sunday sunshine, because this is it for sunshine
7:51 am
and mild weather for a while. still 37 degrees up in hagerstown this morning. 37 in martinsburg. winchester is at 36. the ravens are at home today taking on the oakland raiders. temperatures mid to upper 60s with all that sunshine. we're talking about the change of seasons. we're going to have a very substantial cold front coming our way on tuesday. this is the anniversary of the biggest snowstorm we've ever had in the month of november. 11/11/1987, 25 years ago today. 11 1/2 inches of snow here in washington. where it's snowing now across parts of the midwest, warm and windy out ahead of it. that's the warm air that we're enjoying here today and tomorrow. but on the backside of it, temperatures have dropped 40 to 50 degrees in the -- less than a 12-hour span.
7:52 am
lincoln, nebraska, 78 yesterday afternoon, in the upper 20s this morning. no rain immediately around here. you get the delightful sunshine today as high pressure leaves the eastern seaboard. it will provide us for a mild night tonight. clouds will be on the increase. it will hold overnight low temperatures primarily in the mid to upper 40s. and then tomorrow, moisture surging in. we'll get a little bit of sunshine here early tomorrow, but the clouds are totally going to win the day tomorrow. and rain chances come in late monday night, more likely into the pre-dawn hours of tuesday morning. so today, sunny, mild, and delightful. thanks to all the veterans who serve. sun is down just before 5:00 today. it will be a mild one with temperatures near 70. tomorrow, another mild day, but it won't look or feel quite so pretty as today. cloudy and moist. there's a chance for a little light rain well to the west of washington. highs tomorrow, still on the mild side. remember, average now is about 59, 60 degrees.
7:53 am
so we're in the plus-ten range for today and tomorrow. and then we are back into the minus five to minus seven degree range for the rest of the week. our high on tuesday, probably going to occur on your morning drive into work. temperatures falling with a gusty northwest wind tuesday afternoon. >> okay. thanks, chuck. one of the more remarkable rescue stories from superstorm sandy includes those who couldn't save themselves. some aquariums in new york and new jersey suffered major damage. the new york aquarium flooded and lost power, but many of the animals survived. >> an extraordinary moment, where what we've been working for could be brought back and we could reclaim it and we could say there's hope here, there's hope. >> and one of the lucky survivors is a baby walrus. his name is may tag. he was brought to the aquarium in early october and needed 24-hour medical care. employees say he's doing just fine now. look at his wrinkles. if you have a dog, you know
7:54 am
when you take it for a walk, you're supposed to clean up if they make a mess. >> they go number two. >> one apartment building in dallas, texas, is making sure pet owners do just that. every resident with a pet must have their four-legged friend swabbed for a dna sample. this is gross. that data is then used to identify which pet's mess was left behind. so if you don't clean up after your pet, you could face a $250 fine or even eviction. >> we've gone from maybe picking up an hour a day of pop to picking up maybe one or two a month. >> it seems like there's bigger problems than pick up dog pop. i don't know. >> depends how big it is, right? on top of all that, the company that does the testing is proposing the rule to dallas city councils. wouldn't you like to be the one to test it. >> i don't want to do that.
7:55 am
oh, let's move it along here. the wizards go for their first victory of the season. the cavaliers win in thrilling fashion. >> lou holder has the highlights in this morning's "sports minute." >> good morning, everyone. and your "sports minute" starts with a little college football. randy edsall taking a trip to death valley taking on clemson and this one got ugly. shawn petty struggled in his second week at quarterback. a couple fumbles including one return by clemson's corey crawford. 16 yards to the end zone. tigers win big 45-10. different story down in charlottesville. uva hosting miami hurricanes, and this one came down to the wire. after a penalty against the canes, michael rocco and the cavs get a second chance and they cash in. ten-yard touchdown to jake mcgee. they win a wild one. to the nba, wizards visiting in indiana. still looking for their first win of the year.
7:56 am
a.j. price had himself a game. kicks it out here to bradley biel. the three is right where it needs to be. biel with 17 points. price a career high 14 assists against his former team, but it's not enough. the wizards fall to the pacers 89-85. they are now 0-5 on the year. don't forget the redskins and their bye the week, but you still catch d.c. football. united visit the houston dynamo in the first leg of the iron conference final. at 4:00 p.m., you catch that game on nbc sports network. that's your sports minute. i'm lou holder. a shake-up at the top of college football. this was a game. 15th ranked texas a&m knocked off number one alabama in a nail biter yesterday. the aggies led for the entire game, but the crimson tide made things very interesting at the end. alabama was threatening to score when texas a&m intercepted a pass, securing the win over the top team in the country 29-24. >> the aggies won thanks to the
7:57 am
help of their freshman quarterback johnny manziel, better known as johnny football. his fam sli working to trademark the nickname. texas a&m is also looking to profit from the success of their quarterback. the team store is selling his jersey for the first time this season. people in china are talking about a rising basketball star, but it looks like their newest hoops pro is also the oldest. the 76-year-old played ball every day for the last two decades. over the years, she's become quite the celebrity. she has tourists and locals joining her for a game. she was recently profiled on national television in china, earning the nickname basketball granny. she says that she plans to play until she's too old to move. >> when is that? she looks great. she's got a great shot. here's a dress that is getting a lot of attention this weekend.
7:58 am
the iconic blue dress judy garland we're as dorothy in "the wizard of oz" sold at auction for $480,000. you have a dress same price. one of the only complete versions of the blue and white dress used in the 1939 film. no word on who bought this dress, but the previous owner bought it for about $2,000 in 1981. went from 2,000 to $480,000. >> can you imagine what it's going to be worth 20 years from now? i do have dorothy dolls. i've saved those. a lot of the men will tell you that this is their favorite movie as a child. speaking of movies, more than 1,500 "twilight" fans are camping outside the staples center in los angeles to see the premiere of "breaking dawn: part 2." these fans have camped out for about a week for a chance to see the stars walk the red carpet. the final movie premieres
7:59 am
tomorrow. the movie opens nationwide friday, and savannah guthrie on the "today" show recently interviewed kristen stewart and she went there. she asked the question. are you and robert together? >> she never answered. i saw that. >> she said keep them guessing. she didn't look like she was very happy to be on morning television. >> robert never wears a shirt. so 50 years from now, his clothing will not be worth anything. >> i still have yet to see one of them. that's going to do it for this edition of "news4 today." we'll be back in 25 minutes with a local news update. >> join us at 9:00 a.m. for

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